Saturday, April 23, 2016

Songs Revisited

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Are you like me?  Do you hate it when a song gets stuck in your brain?  Yesterday I heard a song by Herman's Hermits and now the first two lines of the song are playing over and over (and over and over) in my mind.

"She's a Must to Avoid, a complete impossibility..." over and over.  There are a few things that are funny and odd about this.  When I heard the song yesterday, I was excited.  I like the song.  I was able to sing along.  It's just now I can't forget it.

My teen years began simultaneously with the British Invasion.  I watched The Beatles on Ed Sullivan along with half the free world.  I never felt animosity to other British bands just because I loved the Beatles.  

I think I had several albums by Herman's Hermits.  This song was one of my favorites along with "I'm Henry the Eighth" and "Silhouettes on the Shade." I really did like most of the rest.  I wish I still had all my albums.  They are probably lost in the basement of my parents old home.  I hope the subsequent owners enjoyed them.

One other curiosity about this song is that I always had the lyrics wrong.  I always thought he was singing "She's a must for a boy...." which changes the entire drift of the song!  Imagine learning the correct version just when my family thinks I can't hear!

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