Thursday, April 21, 2016

#tbt - Turn Back Thursday

Recently, I have started listening to "The 60s on 6" on my satellite car radio.  I usually listen to all news stations but the election is killing me.  I need to go back in time - at least for a while.

Monday was a beautiful day and I was off to spend the day with my daughter in law who was having work done in their home.  My car windows were down and the radio was loud.  The next song up took me back to the backyard of the house where I lived as a teenager.

"Windy" by the Association was a favorite.  It was light and energetic and still reminds me of the summer.  

The song reach number one in 1966 and was the second hit by the group.  The first was Cherish.  I love that song too.  I have read that the song was written by a women and Windy was originally meant to be a guy but the producer changed the gender and then the tempo and it was a hit.This link The Association Song clips will take you to "Songfacts" and you can hear Windy and a few other of their hits.  

Photo from Songfacts site.

I can't believe that I am "throwing back" so many years ago.  Does anyone else still feel 16?

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